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How to apply for an International Job ?

Most of the employers prefer at least 5 years of experience however at least 2 years of experience after education and training can be entertained. Resume Instructions:
  1. The resume should reflect your core competency.
  2. Make sure you provide valid contact information and email address.
  3. Include valid details of employment and education.
  4. Be specific about job titles.
  5. Details of job duty must be there in the resume.
  6. Add relevant information.

Format Instructions

  1. Keep it simple, don't make it over complicated.
  2. Simple text (txt) files are acceptable in email attachments.
  3. Simple word documents (version 6) files are entertained as well.
  4. No fancy fonts please, the fonts have to be professional.

Cover letter

A powerful and focused cover letter increases your chances of getting the job. Be specific about your cover letter and impress the employers with your communication level.

Technicians / Specialist

Please list equipment, systems and procedures that you have worked with. Many times the job descriptions do not clearly define what the employer is looking for, if they can "see" it on your resume it help them to make a decision more quickly.
  1. Medical professional
  2. Size of the facility
  3. Types and numbers of patients
  4. Teaching responsibilities
  5. List of equipment
  6. Specialized skills
  7. Supervisory experience, if any
  8. Breaks in employment
Please explain all breaks in employment of longer than one month. (Use a separate sheet).

How to Send

In addition to the resume, please send your resumes with mention title of job required to cvs.middleast@gmail.com


Mem, namely a recruitment agency as a part of Middle East Group Of Companies. Mem was founded in 1995, under the entrepreneurship of our CEO, Mr Abdul Sattar, with the motto " Quality Speaks Itself", mem family always has been part of recruitment for our valuable clients.

Mem have researched,studied and learned from the feedbacks from our clients. Mem, delivers integrated recruitment, immigration and settlement solutions to connect overseas employers with staffs from Nepal,Pakistan and India.


We serve more than 100 national & multinational companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar meeting their manpower requirements in as diverse fields as Oil Exploration, Construction, Software, Contracting, Hospitals, etc...

Contact Information

Contact Information

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