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MEM,is government approved recruitment agency permitted to carry out abroad placement ,having license no: 061/051/052 from the Department of Labor,Nepal.


Our in depth knowledge and experience of our markets has enabled us to build a winning team that excels in recruitment for Gulf Employer. Our approach is consultative and we engage with our clients. As a solution partner we visit our clients to understand their requirement and assessment of resourcing which enables us to deliver Talents. Ultimately we aim to build long term successful business relationships based on traditional values - trust and integrity.


Founded in 1995, MEM has acquired about of 2 decade years of operational experience. Being able to lead the recruitment industry to a new level of success, founder Abdul Sattar has dedicated his effort to maintain foreign employer and staffs relationship. Moreover, Mem has been loved brand among the national job seeker to middle east. MEM has always learned, studied and ex-cogitated to benefit the employer in the field of recruitment process.


Through our very initialization, we have always capped to provide optimum service. Our experience lead us to believe that our efforts are connected to our clients revenue. MEM understands that "the quicker the recruitment" more economies of scale maintained at the end of clients' revenue. It has always been our priority to understand the actual need, process them and deploy the right candidates at right time at right place. We also maintain database to fulfill immediate recruitment with ease.


We take complete action required for pre-screening the potential candidates. Our recruiters are well trained,skilled and educated about the job description that ensures that every potential candidates are gone through rapid screening and confirmation. We take approx 30 days for deployment of the candidates. However, deployment are affected by clients,government and local holidays. We have track record for best deployment and agency award for mass recruitment from companies.


MEM believes that sourcing candidate has been always a challenge in Nepal. Hence, Mem prepares seminars,skill training and educate the potential candidates for foreign employment. Side by side we advertise materials in papers & digital channels which is proficient ways to collect potential candidates.


MEM, As a brand is the best quality of being trusted and believed HR solution provider for mass recruitment, HR consultant and employer. We are apparent to both our clients as well as with the potential candidates. This enables us to out stand among the service provider in the same industry. We consider CREDIBILITY is key to Leadership.


We understand that our clients have to go through certain costly decisions for mass recruitment especially in recruitng unskilled and semi skilled workers. Integration of our experience and expertise we are succesful to make our client enjoy the low labor turnover ratio which have proved to be cost effective as a whole in their annual reports.


Having in-house technical institute we are able to provide the candidates with the formal training, assessments and empowerment. We not only recruit right people for right job at right time but also we prepare right candidates by workshop and training . We have 70.3% track record of placement service with those who attended our workshops and programmes. Our collection of candidate information are assessed later for the clients demands and requirements.


We admit that our success is success of our clients. We develop keen understanding of your business,key requirement, and goals which builds strong partnerships. MEM, get to enjoy the benefit acquired from the business partnership and invest in the development featuring the benefit for the both foreign employer and candidates.


Mem, namely a recruitment agency as a part of Middle East Group Of Companies. Mem was founded in 1995, under the entrepreneurship of our CEO, Mr Abdul Sattar, with the motto " Quality Speaks Itself", mem family always has been part of recruitment for our valuable clients.

Mem have researched,studied and learned from the feedbacks from our clients. Mem, delivers integrated recruitment, immigration and settlement solutions to connect overseas employers with staffs from Nepal,Pakistan and India.


We serve more than 100 national & multinational companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar meeting their manpower requirements in as diverse fields as Oil Exploration, Construction, Software, Contracting, Hospitals, etc...

Contact Information

Contact Information

Middle East Manpower Pvt. Ltd.
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Tel: +977 1 5529960
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Email: abdul@middleast.com.np

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